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Fully Automated In Perfection CORiTEC 350i PRO robot


1.0-2.6 kW
spindle power

blank changer


CORiTEC 350i robot

Fully Automated CORiTEC 350i PRO robot HIGHLIGHTS

  • Fully automated production line for all materials relevant to dentistry
  • Expandable up to 6 CORiTEC 350i series milling machine
  • Robotic handling of machine loading and unloading
  • Fully automated 24 hour production is possible
  • 60 to 120 dental blanks in the integrated material storage
  • Superior management system for intelligent controlling

spindle power


Fold tool


Fold blank


Possible milling

Fully Automated Maximising performance

The high-end system CORiTEC 350i PRO robot for milling centers has emerged from the latest generation of the CORiTEC 350i series. With the support of robotic technology, the production system is able to mill and grind 60 to 120 dental blanks fully automated in various types.

Full denture

Hybrid abutment

Model casting


Fully Automated Wide Range Of Applications

  • Zirconia
  • Pre-milled Abutment (Ti)
  • Pre-milled Abutment (CoCr)
  • Cobalt-chrome
  • Glass ceramic
  • Lithium disilicate
  • Hybrid ceramic
  • Sintered metal
  • Composite
  • PEEK
  • PMMA
  • Wax


Machine Software CORiTEC Remote Dental 3.0

The machine is operated with an integrated touchscreen display using the proven control software Remote Dental 3.0.

  • All important functions and control elements in one overview
  • Easy-to-use tool management
  • Tool runtime monitoring
  • Spare tool function
  • Language-neutral operation through intuitive graphical user interface
  • No license fees


Smart High End Solution CORiTEC iCAM V5 smart

  • 5-axis simultaneous machining and/or 3 + 2 machining to reach undercuts
  • No annual license fees
  • Unlimited term
  • Fully automatic and easy operations with “Wizard Workflow“
  • „ReFit“-Abutment exchange geometries
  • Placing retaining bridges across jobs
CORiTEC iCAM v5 - imes-icore
CORiTEC iCAM v5 - imes-icore
CORiTEC iCAM v5 - imes-icore

CORiTEC iCAM V5 smart

iCAM V5 smart is the high-end CAM solution from imes-icore®. The software enables high-precision milling data calculation in simultaneous 5-axis machining for best surface quality and fitting accuracy. Especially with hard materials such as glass ceramics, cobalt chrome or titanium, high-resolution milling data are decisive for best fitting accuracy. In addition, the tool life is increased by smooth running of the machine during machining. Thanks to predefined milling strategies developed by imes-icore® for all materials and applications, the iCAM V5 smart provides you with a valuable CAM solution that increases the productivity of the CAD/CAM system.

Open Interfaces Integrated Workflow

imes-icore offers a whole package including scanner, exocad CAD, iCAM CAM software, milling and grinding tools and CORiTEC milling machines.

The integrated workflow for both wet and dry milling processes in combination with the highest level of stability offers process-reliable results for the highest demands.

A perfect solution for remarkable results through a wide range of applications.

Fully Automated Additional Accessories

The CORiTEC 350i robot PRO series is compatible with scanners, exocad and impresses with its wide range of additional accessoires such as CAM software, sintering furnaces and extraction systems.


suction systems

iVAC eco+:
The iVAC eco+ is the universal solution for all table machines made by imes-icore. Technical Highlights: Very powerful, with a flow rate of up to 260m³/hr, adjustable power, brushless motor for a long service life; large-volume fi lter with 25 liter filter bags and a downline HEPA filter, runs quietly, suitable for imes-icore machine tables T1 and T2.

Volume flow260m³/hr
Output1200 W
Filter system      dust drawer, HEPA filter
Filter volume25 liters
W x D x H
440 x 460 x 750/
17.3 x 18.1 x 29.5
Supply voltage115 V - 230 V


suction systems

Industrial vacuum system with brushless motor, 280m³/hr volume flow, adjustable power, filter system with Teflon filter cartridge and large dust drawer, automatic self-cleaning feature for compressed air, suitable for all imes-icore dental milling machines.

Volume flow280 m³/hr
Output1200 W
Filter system      Teflon filter cartridge,
automatic cleaning feature
Filter volume15 liters
W x D x H
350 x 350 x 1000/
13.8 x 13.8 x 39.4
Supply voltage115 V - 230 V


Sintering Furnaces

iSINT eco:
The iSINT eco stands for economy and offers high-quality technology, matching accessories for high standards at a fair price. Compact and with a small footprint, the iSINT eco sintering oven still has sufficient capacity for a sintering bowl Ø100 mm for approx. 25 units. The door stop can be mounted right and left.

Number of heating elements           4
Number of program memories         9
Combustion chamber capacity1 x 100
max. heating rate in °C/min30
Power in W1720
Lift functionNo


Sintering Furnaces

A larger sintering capacity of up to 80 single crowns is offered by the new iSINT PRO. With a heating system of four high-quality molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heating elements, you can choose between conventional long-term sintering or SPEED sintering at a rate of up to 99 °C/min / 210.20 °F/min. The iSINT PRO is operated with a simple and convenient program control. The programs are indicated on a 4-line LCD display. A timer function for overnight sintering or the use of pre-drying programs for shaded zirconium restorations offer further options. In addition, three service programs are available for easy maintenance of the sinter furnace.

Number of heating elements           4
Display4-line LCD
Number of program memories         30
Combustion chamber capacity2 x 120
max. heating rate in °C/min99
Power in W3200
Lift functionYes

Everything at a glance

  • Monitor
    Integrated 15“ HD Touchscreen
  • Control Software
    CORiTEC Remote DENTAL 3.0
    Integrated CNC software
  • Blank changer
    Automatic 60 to 120 blank holder
  • Tool changer
    60 to 120 -fold tool changer
  • Cooling
    4.8 liter / 18.17 gpm
    tank per machine integrated
  • Air pressure
    External air pressure required
    6.5 - 9.0 bar @ 80l/min per machine
  • Tool length control
    ≤ 0,002 mm precision
  • Spindle type
    High-frequency spindle
  • Max. rotational speed / spindle power
    CORiTEC 350i PRO/Loader PRO:  60.000 U/min, 1.0 kW
    CORiTEC 350i PRO+/Loader PRO+: 60.000 U/min, 2.6 KW
  • Tools
    Milling and grinding tools with 6 mm diameter

Mechanics / Electronics

  • Number of axes and movement type
    5 axes, simultaneous machining
  • Rotation angle
    A-axis 360°
    B-axis 130°

Connecting requirements

  • Weight
    approx. 900 kg/1984.50 Ibs (3 machines) to 1900 kg/4189.50 Ibs (6 machines) - configuration-dependent
  • Width x depth x height
    118.1 inch to 236.2 inch x 55.1 inch x 94.5 inch / 
    3000 mm up to 6000 mm x 1400 mm x 2400 mm - configuration-dependent
  • Mains voltage / frequency / power
    400 V/50/60 Hz

Download & Information

CORiTEC 350i PRO robot brochure
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Dental Systems 2021/2022
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CORiTEC 350i PRO robot Fully Automated in perfection