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Ingenious, simple and extremely fast las L1.1

Smallest footprint

Function keys on the front of the machine

Connection to a standard PC via USB cable

Galvo head
up to 8 m/sec.

laser power
20 watts

English operating software

Application database

Ingenious, intuitive and extremely fast las L1.1 HIGHLIGHTS

  • Automatic switching on of the suction unit(optional)
  • Function keys F1/F2 in the front panel (optional)
  • Rotational Axis (optional)

T-nut table for clamping options


Clamping surface 400x400mm


Working area up to 200x200mm

Ingenious, intuitive and extremely fast Individual Marking Laser

The galvo laser scanner allows cost-effective marking, labelling and engraving of individual and small series parts with a marking area of up to 200 x 200 mm and this at a speed of up to 8 m/s.

Visible pilot laser for exact positioning

Different laser sources

Different working areas for marking 110mm, 150mm and 200mm

Ingenious, intuitive and extremely fast las L1.1

  •     Metals
  •     Ceramics
  •     Leather
  •     Various plastics

Ingenious, intuitive and extremely fast las L1.1

  • Labelling and engraving of surfaces
  • Ablation of coatings

German marking software SAMLight SCAPS

The standard features of the SAMLight software from Scaps are the marking of objects and entities. These can either be created in the SAMLight editor or loaded.

Additional accessories las L1.1

  • Various clamping elements
  • Different lenses
  • Exhaust system
  • Rotation axis
  • Laptop
  • Machine table

Everything at a glance

  • Working area
    Up to 200x200 mm
  • Engraving speed
    Up to 8 m/sec
  • Travel range in Z
    235 mm
  • Laser cooling
  • Wavelength 
    1070 nm

Connecting requirements

  • Dimensions (W x D x H)
    510 x 775 x 660 mm
  • Weight
    approx. 40 kg
  • Main voltage
    230 V / 16 A