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Building CAD/CAM machines is one thing, but the quality and reliability of after-sales service are just as important to us when it comes to customer satisfaction.

To ensure availability of the machines and systems we deliver, imes-icore also provides full service. Throughout the entire life cycle of a CNC machine system, points of contact are created where we offer professional assistance.

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We understand service as an interpersonal matter!

Our service pledge
Our customer-oriented service organisation provides continuous support for users and provides long-lasting solutions and ideas for the strategic development and success of our customers for the life of a machine. 

  • We deal with customers and take responsibility for the economical operation of our machines.
  • We pay a lot of attention to our customers and provide a special feeling of closeness for the purpose of developing long-term relationships.
  • Our innovations ensure permanent safety and top availability of machines.


Service with a smile!

You will get the best service from us along the entire digital process chain. No matter whether you want to make the best possible use of your CAD/CAM applications or solve a technical problem with the CNC machine. From the first customer enquiry to successful solution, our highly qualified employees always strike the right tone. 
We assume responsibility for the strategic development of our customers for the entire life of a machine.

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The imes-icore ticket system is used to feed all incoming service requests into a structured workflow (from 1st to 2nd level support), creating an automatically transparent machine history. Our service management system provides top data security to ensure the best possible service quality at all times. This service quality reflects the culture of our company in our dealings with customers, employees, and business partners.

Team Viewer

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The important thing is the reliability of your machine! Machine maintenance

Increase your productivity with your personal maintenance strategy!
No matter what components you do, one thing counts above all else in the end: the reliability of your machines. To that end, you need a maintenance strategy that is tailored exactly to your specific production conditions. This requires individual solutions and a high degree of flexibility, especially in combination with our additional packages for a warranty extension. Maximise your machine availability and reduce expensive downtimes for projectable maintenance/operating costs over the years!

Wear and tear begins with the first day of operation!
You can contact imes-icore's after-sales service directly at any time in order to detect extraordinary wear and tear early on andto take appropriate measures. We'd be happy to provide you with the best possible care and maintenance for your CNC processing machine.
imes-icore will provide the complete service for your machine system that you need, including our offers for preserving the value of your machine. Thanks to the imes-icore maintenance package, the process safety, reliability, and value of your machine will be preserved.

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reliability lies in the details Spare parts and logistics

The imes-icore original. Quality that pays off!
The latest CAD/CAM technology and the performance that make imes-icore machines stand out are guaranteed thanks to our original spare parts. Each component involves a sophisticated development, manufacturing, and procurement process that is regulated by high and consistent quality standards. Optimised procedures and processes in the spare parts supply ensure a high availability. We work with globally recognised leading companies in order to always provide the latest solutions and guaranteed, safe, and high-quality products.

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Refurbished Spindles

Profit from our cost-effective spare milling spindles with manufacturer warranty! 
High availability – High quality – Low investment!


The Efficient Spare Parts Centre...

...with 2.000 m² and ~10.000 items
Global shipping of any selected spare part within 24 hours: All spare parts that you need, paired with the security you get from a rapid and efficient service.

RMA return and settlement provisions
RMA return and settlement provisions
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