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CORiTEC DSM | Dental Smart Market - 
The Platform for Customers, Sales and Marketplace Partners

The Dental Smart Market (DSM) is the new digital platform of the imes-icore group. With this unique product, we open up new possibilities for our users: machine systems, sales and service processes as well as many other functions are displayed digitally, simplified and accelerated. 

This digital platform combines all CORiTEC machines worldwide into one digital system and provides a lot of great functions with many benefits for everyone!

What advantages does the DSM offer?

Our digital platform offers many advantages that support you in the daily handling of our CORiTEC machine systems such as the machine manager. The machine manager is the central function of the Dental Smart Market, and it allows a lot of functions for the connectivity of our machines. You can download all relevant manuals and service manuals for your machines, but you can also proactive enter all activities around the machine.

And the best: All our CORiTEC fans and all our CORiTEC community can use the DSM.

This is very easy. Register your CORiTEC machine and enjoy all functions. Explore now!