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Expansion of service and support High-quality CAD/CAM machine systems in Asia


Competence & Service Center in Singapore

The opening of the Competence & Service Center in Singapore is the basis for a first-class support of dealers, customers, partners as well as interested parties and guarantees an extended presence in the Asian market at the same time.

As part of imes-icore's long-term expansion strategy, this location will expand the service and support for customers, as well as the training academy with machine exhibition to enable optimal conditions for Asia.

In addition to the existing Competence & Service Centers in various countries, imes-icore is successfully positioning itself for the future with the new location in Singapore and is setting another important milestone for global support at the highest level.

New office in the heart of Singapore

Our Competence & Service Center with exhibition, training and demonstration area will be located in the new Wood Square Singapore building.

The new exhibition, training and demonstration area at imes-icore Asia offers ideal conditions for the highly qualified and well-trained staff on site to provide professional advice and demonstration of the CAD/CAM systems.

The Competence & Service Center in Singapore is managed by Joerg Brenn, who will continue to develop the Asian market with his extensive and long-term experience. Together with the local team, the scope of service and training will be further expanded to meet the daily challenges of customers.

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12 Woodlands Square, #12-80
737715 Singapore