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The 3D Metal Printer Enhances Productivity And Efficiency in Manufacturing Dental Prosthetics CORiTEC AM100

Milling Machines Millinger Center

CORiTEC 650i series

Future-Oriented Technology

5 axes

Block & blank machining

Linear motors

24/7 production

HSK 25 tool holder

CORiTEC AM series

Focus on Productivity and Results

Ti units

CoCr units

Laser melting

Revolver with 5 cartridges


CORiTEC Aligner series

Effectiveness and Flexibility Oriented

Robot handling

Job identification

5 axes

Laser marking


Milling Center Production
in the milling center

Dental milling machines in milling centers offer high productivity, advanced machining capabilities, automation, scalabilityand cost efficiency. They enable efficient and precise manufacturing of a wide range of dental applications. 

CORiTEC 650i series

  • High frequency spindle
  • HSK 25 tool holder
  • 16-fold blank changer
  • Hybrid machining

CORiTEC AM series

  • LPBF process
  • Building plate 150 x 150 x 150 mm, Ø 115 mm
  • Innovative powder management
  • Sieving and unpacking station

CORiTEC Aligner series

  • Zero point clamping system integrated
  • Job recognition via QR scanner
  • Laser marking
  • Robot handling