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1. Advances and innovations in the world of dental alloys

| Knowledge

Learn all about dental alloys in dentistry, from types and properties to current research and trends.

1. Telescopic technology: revolution in modern dental prosthetics

| Knowledge

Learn everything about telescopic technology, its application, advantages and the latest innovations in dental technology.

1 Prosthetic care: innovation and progress in modern dentistry

| Knowledge

Discover prosthetic care: innovative techniques and materials in modern dental technology.

Occlusal splints: Innovation in dental technology

| Knowledge

Learn all about occlusal splints, their types, application and future developments in dentistry.

Digital Impressions in Dentistry: Benefits and Applications

| Knowledge

The impression of the patient's oral situation is the basis for the correct creation of implants, crowns and the like, and the digital…

Veneers: Revolution in aesthetic dentistry

| Knowledge

Discover veneers, the aesthetic solution for a perfect smile. Learn more about their benefits and application.