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Competence in dental CAD/CAM solutions The imes-icore philosophy

„Development, production, sales and service in Germany“ – Benefit from our know-how

Since the foundation of the company in 2002, imes-icore GmbH has emerged from being an expert for individual CNC - Machining systems to one of the world market leaders in digital, dental CAD/CAM production systems. Today, imes-icore serves all dental market segments such as dentists, clinics, laboratories and milling centers by offering the broadest portfolio of milling and grinding machines.

The naming of the company was already based on the idea of not only manufacturing individual machines, but also realizing plug-in complete systems by fully integrated elements of mechanics, electronics and software (imes = integrated mechanics, electronics, software). Symbolic of the increasing importance of the dental business, the term "icore" was later added as a concept for "integrated dental solutions".


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The company's history of almost 20 years is characterized by strong growth in Eiterfeld in Eastern Hesse (now around 250 employees belong to the imes-icore group), as well as many innovations and technical developments that have set new standards in the respective market segments.

The question of how we can make work easier, more cost-effective and more efficient for our customers through technical innovations in our production systems is always at the center of our philosophy. With a special focus on the dental market, we offer solutions with the best possible automated and validated workflows that enable our customers worldwide to produce high-quality dental restorations cost effectively. These total solutions include the components of the complete dental workflow from the intra-oral scanner to integrated CAD and CAM packages, the production systems in subtractive, additive and hybrid processes, as well as all required high-quality supplies.

In addition to the key areas of development and production, the imes-icore Group has an excellent worldwide sales structure of over 100 dealers in 100 countries, as well as a network of Competence & Service Centers for professional support and service.

Unique machines since 2002 The imes-icore success story


Focus on wide-ranging digitization projects with new software and hardware solutions.

The anniversary year 2022 is starting with a new logo, new product offerings in the field of automation and digitisation for dental laboratories, milling centers and dentists and an enhancement of the US competence & service center.


Entry into 3D printing technology for new innovative production solutions.
AM100, resin printer.


Introduction of new special solutions for milling centers such as aligner manufacturing and hybrid solutions.
Market launch of an integrated chairside system with fully integrated workflow (IOS, CAD/CAM, machine system).


New developments of system solutions for practice laboratories / clinics / small laboratories with the very successful machine series one, 150i, 250i pro.
Concept design to develop validated workflows for practice labs, laboratories, milling centers.


imes-icore has developed into a group of companies with the goal of offering dental production systems, consumables and services to the market. 
To this end, the companies Pritidenta (zircon consumables) and PM-Technologies (service/support in USA) were integrated.



ARDIAN, as a private equity investment company, acquires a majority stake in imes-icore GmbH in order to support it in expanding on the global market. 


First international dealer conference at imes-icore in Eiterfeld.


More than 5000 dental machines were developed, produced and sold.
Start of the expansion project to extend the sales network to 100 distributors in 100 countries.


Introduction of new 350i machine series with the world's first systems with material changer and zero point clamping system for fully automated processing of all relevant dental materials. 


Entry into the technologies of waterjet cutting and laser marking.

2012 – 2010

Extension of the machine portfolio for dental labs to the largest machine portfolio for dental CAD/CAM systems.
International expansion with new agencies in Europe, North America and Asia.


Merging of "icore-dental GmbH" and "i-mes GmbH" to form "imes-icore GmbH".
Merging of "WIELAND i-mes GmbH" with "imes-icore GmbH".


Ending of the exclusive distribution rights for Wieland Dental&Technik.
Foundation of the company "icore-dental GmbH" and start of direct international marketing via own dealer network.


Extension of the product portfolio with additional dental machine systems in desktop design and in 5-axis design as ZENO brand.


Foundation of WIELAND i-mes GmbH as a system integrator and international service/support center for the "ZENO Tec - complete systems".


Granting of international marketing exclusivity for imes dental systems to Wieland Dental&Technik. 
IDS presentation of the first 3Shape dental scanners with CAD, CAM and imes machine systems under the label "ZENO Tec System".


Development and international market launch of the first dental CAD/CAM systems from imes GmbH, with model scanner, CAD, CAM application and the two machine models "PREMIUM" and "XAWEX". 


Development, definition and international launch of the world's first dental zircon blanks with a diameter of 98.5 mm and a "step", together with DANAG AG. 
Today, this material definition is the worldwide standard.


Founding of i-mes GmbH (Integrated Mechanic, Electronic, Software)
The business goal of imes-icore was the development and distribution of complete CAD/CAM systems.

Certified quality Quality Management

Precision that you realize

We connect our slogan „Leading Technology“ with the promise of highest quality of our digital CAD/CAM production systems Made in Germany

It is our commitment, to maintain and enhance imes-icore’s technology- and quality leadership through a continuous improvement process. Our quality philosophy is represented by our DIN ISO 9001:2015 Quality-Management-System as well as by the high technical qualification of our employees. Enthusiasm for technology and the commitment to always provide best quality and best service to all customers, are the characteristics of our quality and service departments. 

Download imes-icore Company Certifications
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imes-icore GmbH
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Hessen, Germany

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