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The 3D Metal Printer Enhances Productivity And Efficiency in Manufacturing Dental Prosthetics CORiTEC AM100

Quality Assurance through 510(k) Clearance CORiTEC preMill Manufacturing System


Unique Platform with All Relevant CAD/CAM Technologies, Products and Services Dental Smart Market

NeXt Level Performance – The Perfect Symbiosis of Dynamics And Precision! CORiTEC 350i X PRO Series

Portfolio Dental Milling Machines


The Intelligent Chairside Solution

4 axes

Single block holder

Pre-milled abutment

Up to 6 milling tool changer

7 different indications

CORiTEC one+

The Advanced Chairside Solution

5 axes

Pre-milled abutment

Blank machining possible

Up to 10 milling tools

14 different indications

CORiTEC ione scan

The Support for Quick Scanning

One of the smallest and the lightest
scanners worldwide

Well-ergonomic design by rotating tip

Perfectly matched open system
in practice

No software update and support fees

Compact, glossy and smooth design

CORiTEC preMill Systems

The Perfect Match and Validated Workflow


Block & blank machining

Manual quick clamping system

CAM System

Open blank holder

CORiTEC 150i series

The Flexible Milling System

5 axes

Block & blank machining

Manual quick clamping system

Up to 10 milling tool changer

Open blank holder

CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO

Automation in the Smallest Space

5 axes

Block & blank machining

Manual quick clamping system

Automatic 7-fold blank changer

Mono-block cast body

CORiTEC 350i series

The Plus in Performance and Precision

5 axes

Wet/dry processing

20-fold tool changer 6mm diameter

Zero-point clamping system

12-fold blank changer
(all loader variations)

CORiTEC 350i X PRO series

NeXt-Level Performance

5 axes

3.0 kW Spindle power

20-fold tool changer

4 times higher clamping force

15-fold blank changer
(loader variation)

CORiTEC 650i series

Future-Oriented Technology

5 axes

Block & blank machining

Linear motors

24/7 production

HSK 25 tool holder

CORiTEC AM series

Focus on Productivity and Results

Ti units

CoCr units

Laser melting

Revolver with 5 cartridges


CORiTEC Aligner series

Effectiveness and Flexibility Oriented

Robot handling

Job identification

5 axes

Laser marking