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20 years of impressive growth and success

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Great anniversary celebration of imes-icore GmbH with dinner, red carpet and tombola

Making dental prostheses possible for everyone is the goal that imes-icore GmbH from Eiterfeld set itself when it was founded in 2002. Last Saturday, the medium-sized company celebrated its success and growth over the past 20 years together with 300 guests in the Schilde Hall in Bad Hersfeld.

Dental technology is a future-oriented industry with high potential. Over the past 20 years, imes-icore GmbH has taken advantage of this and, since its foundation, has earned a reputation as a developing and manufacturing company of dental prostheses. The company is an innovation leader in the segment and sets new technological standards among the market leaders in the industry.

When the company was founded, Christoph Stark, Managing Director of imes-icore GmbH, had the main goal of making dental prostheses possible for everyone and thus giving the world a smile. A smile was also on the faces of the 300 invited guests, including mainly employees and their companions, as they walked down the red carpet to the anniversary celebration in the Schilde Hall in Bad Hersfeld on Saturday.

The presenter and cabaret singer Marianne Blum and the band Niteshift guided through the various evening program. In addition to culinary delights, a cocktail bar and a photo box to capture beautiful memories, there was also a charity raffle. The medium-sized company donated the proceed of 3,000 euros to the children's and youth hospital "Kleine Helden Hünfeld e.V." and would also like to commemorate recently deceased colleagues.

"It was important to us to organize an event for the meanwhile total of 250 employees, without whom the annual double-digit growth and success of the company would not be possible," emphasizes Christoph Stark. The company's sales have increased twenty-fold since 2002, thus evolving from a small business to a medium-sized enterprise.

"With our products, we make an important contribution to improving healthcare in our society. To achieve this, we have delivered over 15,000 production machines for the manufacture of dental prostheses worldwide in the past 20 years," adds Stark. The goals remain ambitious and the forecasts are increasing, which is why the company continues to offer secure jobs with future prospects and is looking for additional colleagues.