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Career start at imes-icore

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On 01 August 2023, six young people began their professional future at imes-icore

In addition to four different apprenticeships in the commercial and industrial sector, the company also offers three dual study programs and the implementation of upper secondary school internships.

Start with get-together

This year, the company welcomes six young people: D. Kraus, J. Stuckardt as well as V. Morgenstern (electronics technician for industrial engineering), N. Gentemann and A. Stieben (industrial clerk) as well as N. Stark (upper secondary school trainee business & administration).

After the traditional welcome day and the first introduction at the location in Eiterfeld, a city rally in Fulda followed with all trainees and dual students of imes-icore GmbH on the second day of apprenticeship. The rally was intended to give all trainees the opportunity to get to know each other better outside the work environment and across all training years. The day was finished with a joint barbecue and informative training sessions.

About imes-icore

As a mechanical engineering company, imes-icore GmbH is one of the top 3 manufacturers of precision machines for dental prostheses. With its large portfolio of milling and grinding machines, the company serves all dental market segments such as dentists, clinics, laboratories and milling centers and thus enables its customers worldwide to manufacture high-quality dental prostheses at low cost and thus improve the well-being of people and dental health all over the world.

Want to apply for an apprenticeship?

Those who are interested can now visit the website at www.imes-icore.com to find out more about the industrial and commercial apprenticeships and dual study programs available in 2024.