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The true all-rounder becomes the class leader!

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Right from the start, the CORiTEC 150i PRO set the highest standards in precision and quality.

But that's not all: now three additional top features make the machine the absolute class leader of its kind. Three newly integrated highlights will further set the proven machine system apart from competing systems on the market with more functionality and higher quality, and set new standards.

What's new?
Now the CORiTEC 150i PRO offers the possibility of metal processing of CoCr blanks, for the production of crowns and bridges, which extraordinarily increases the attractiveness of the entire machine system for every dental laboratory.

Another innovation when ordering a new CORiTEC 150i is the free integration of the new iCAM HD software for one year. A further annual extension is possible for a small update and support fee. The user gets fast and precise milling results thanks to the integrated, perfectly matched CAM templates. This new total package fundamentally reduces the entry costs. This new package significantly reduces the initial costs. All updates, as well as the entire support, are fully covered when ordering for the first year.

The third feature impresses with its modernity: an integrated webcam in the workspace of the CORiTEC 150i PRO for online monitoring of the milling process. In this way, support also ensures that the consumer can be helped as quickly as possible with any questions or challenges that arise.

Three features that make the proven machine system of the CORiTEC 150i PRO a "Best in Class" product. Now there is only one question left:

When will the "Best in Class" be available?
FROM NOW on, these new upgrades are included with a machine order for your dental customers - until the end of 2023!

Small but mighty!
The CORiTEC 150i PRO is the flexible milling system in the smallest of spaces. Whether milling or grinding in the laboratory: The CORiTEC 150i PRO is the epitome of limitless freedom. A virtually perfect ratio of power, speed and precision thanks to the high-frequency spindle with 860 watts and 100,000 rpm and the manual quick-clamping system, which ensures consistent precision and thus makes time-consuming calibrations obsolete.

Circular blanks, blocks or premills are machined precisely and in high quality thanks to the 5-axis simultaneous technology and the stable base of the machine. The processing of almost all relevant dental materials, such as PMMA, wax, composites, glass ceramics, zirconium oxide, titanium, CoCr and many more, leaves nothing to be desired.

So let's take the next step together in the knowledge that with the CORiTEC 150i PRO, your customers will soon have the most versatile and best entry-level milling machine in the lab: "Best in Class" in other words!

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