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The CORiTEC one from imes-icore® was developed as a high-quality machine for the chairside area. The fact that the machine fulfills all quality requirements for its purpose was now shown by the so called „Merlon test“. VITA Zahntechnik GmbH, a German company which has been developing dental materials and technologies for more than 90 years, carried out the study. When processing feldspar ceramics, the CORiTEC one produced the best results and thus secured the first place in this area.

The aim of the study was to test the hypothesis whether the Merlon test is a suitable method to find out if certain machining processes are suitable for different materials.  Furthermore, the study wanted to prove two hypotheses. The first one: The thinner the wall geometry, the more Merlons will break. And number two: The more aggressive the milling process, the more Merlons will break. The results were compared with the help of a standard protocol, which allowed for better comparability among the participants.


imes-icore® competed in the field of feldspar ceramics with its CORiTEC one and its own CAM software. The result:  In the area of broken Merlons, the CORiTEC one delivered results that clearly set themselves apart from those of the competition.

At the end of the study, VITA Zahnfabrik GmbH summarized the results that confirmed both of the previously established hypotheses by the Merlon test. The CORiTEC one from imes-icore® passed both tests and delivered by far the best results in the field of feldspar ceramics. This underlines the approach that the CORiTEC one exceeds the high-quality standards for the chairside area and delivers the best results combined with maximum precision.