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Discover the future of dentistry: Dr. Dassler's Diary

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Discover the future of dentistry: Dr. Dassler's Diary reveals the secrets of the digital chairside workflow!

Are you looking for innovation, precision, and digitalization for your dental practice? Then you've come to the right place! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Dr. Dassler's Diary. The dental mini-series is entertaining and offers valuable insights into the world of the dental practice.

In this series, we accompany the dentist Dr. Lavinia Dassler as she expands her team: with an assistant for the production of dentures in the practice's laboratory.

She does not choose just any assistant, but deliberately opts for the CORiTEC one+: a machine that is perfectly integrated into her practice and enables her to mill crowns, bridges, inlays, and other restorations directly on-site. This machine is not just a tool for Dr. Dassler - it becomes a reliable partner that offers her perfection, flexibility, and speed.

Dr. Dassler names her new machine “CORi” and shares her experiences with us, starting with CORi's move into the practice, including delivery, installation, and commissioning. She gives us an insight into her everyday practice and shows us how she achieves impressive results for her patients with CORi. She shares valuable tips and tricks on how users can exploit the machine's full capabilities and avoid potential application errors.

Dr. Dassler has already given an exciting insight into the production of a bite splint from a pritidenta PMMA disc. (Episode 4)

In episode 7, Dr. Dassler dared to try something new. She successfully produced an ilay from a glass-ceramic disc (LiSi inlay) with her CORi and gave valuable tips.

In the latest episode (episode 8), Dr. Dassler shows how she fabricates a split bridge. This restoration requires a high degree of precision from CORi, but this is guaranteed by the easy to operate digital chairside workflow.

Some educational episodes are already online and more will follow every 14 days - with new challenges, insights, and adventures from Dr. Dassler and CORi.

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Would you also like to discover more about CORiTEC one+? Then visit our website to find out more about CORiTEC one+ and its possibilities.