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Discover the story behind your smile

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imes-icore sets global standards in CAD/CAM technology for the production of dental prosthesis

With the slogan ‘discover the story behind your smile’, imes-icore recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. The company expresses its dedication for high-quality products in the dental sector with the guiding principle ‘leading technology’.

For more than 20 years, imes-icore GmbH has been considered a global technology leader in the dental CAD/CAM field of production systems for the manufacture of dental restorations. After its foundation in 2022 by Christoph Stark, who is still the CEO today, some of the developments that are now considered the global standard in the market emerged from the company.

Already in the year of its foundation, imes-icore GmbH developed the first dental full-fledged CAD/CAM milling systems for laboratories, which were composed of the former model scanner ‘es1’, its own CAD/CAM application and the first milling/grinding machines.

But that’s not all: the first pre-sintered zirconia blank was presented at IDS 2003, and the 98mm blank defined by imes-icore is still the standard on the global dental market today. A revolution for dental CAD/CAM technology!

In the further course of developing its systems, the company focused on even higher automation for manufacturing dental restorations. This was already initiated by the first dental milling machine systems with automatic blank changer developed in-house. imes-icore GmbH constantly pursued the goal of developing faster, more efficient and more precise machine systems, which was also achieved by the automated 5-axis premium machines that represented the significant progress in dental technology.

As time went by, the company established itself as international provider of solutions that offers all relevant machining technologies for practice and dental laboratories as well as milling centers with its innovative manufacturing systems. This is also reflected by 130 international agencies in 100 countries around the world. With 15,000 machines on the market, imes-icore continuously expands its global position.

Innovative technologies can also be expected in the future. Therefore, IDS 2023 will offer a spectacular setting. New technological highlights, such as a new high-performance machine based on the proven 350i series, await visitors. The new 350 X PRO for eXtreme high-speed machining will be a highlight at the imes-icore GmbH booth. The latest BUS control technology combined with highspeed algorithms in real-time, polymer machine bed and the new ‘SmartControl’ software round the high-end system and enable new dimensions for high-speed machining with perfect surfaces.

For practice laboratories, imes-icore GmbH introduces the CORiTEC one+, the first open 5-axis system with a fully automated workflow. With its 5 axes and seamless workflow, the machine sets a benchmark for faster processing of blocks, premilled abutments and blanks.

Furthermore, with the ‘DentalSmartMarket’ a completely new digital platform will be presented, which connects customers, distributors and partners in a strong digital network with a variety of functions. Here, stakeholders can find all the dental CAD/CAM information they need about the systems, production technologies, consumables and services that are brought together through the network. It enables to automate and digitize the high number of currently required complex manual processes. Intelligent machine management, current real-time machine status as well as the system configurator are just some reasons why the ‘DentalSmartMarket’ as an interface is that interesting. The result – making the workflow of dental prosthesis production easier and faster and thus reducing costs – is convincing.

A visit at the booth at the IDS in hall 10.2, booth P028 - R029 is therefore worthwhile to find out about the latest CAD/CAM technologies.