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How You Can Hold 25 Blocks!


New LiSi Disc: CAD/CAM lithium disilicate based material as a disc.

Milling restorations from lithium disilicate more efficiently, cost-effectively and conveniently - this is now possible thanks to a new innovation on the dental CAD/CAM market. In collaboration with material specialist pritidenta, imes-icore is the first milling machine manufacturer to launch a CAD/CAM disc in the material lithium disilicate. The new CORiTEC LiSi Disc is successfully validated for all current imes-icore milling machines, which means that dental restorations made from lithium disilicate can now be produced by dentists, practice laboratories and commercial laboratories more efficiently and cost-effectively with imes-icore machines.

The new glass disc is a highly aesthetic and innovative nano-lithium disilicate CAD/CAM disc, available in 19 shades. The translucency of the material can be modified by heat. This means, that restorations milled from the same disc can be individually fired to achieve a higher or lower level of translucency, without changing the properties of the restoration. 
The translucency can also be adjusted at a later stage through firing. In addition, the new material is compatible with a wide-spectrum of conventional stains/glazes and veneering materials.

The new glass disc is suitable for the 98mm standard disc holder, it has a high edge-stability and shows next to no chipping during wet sanding. A continuous milling procedure, in which up to 25 units can be milled in one sequence, means that these restorations can be produced at a competitive price. The workflows for all CORiTEC systems from imes-icore have been adapted and validated. The combination of imes-icore machines, tools and iCAM software guarantee safe processing and high-quality results. 

Dr. Batyr Kuliev from Nuremberg, Germany, has tested the new glass disc and produced restorations for two patient cases: one was a single crown and the other case was veneers. He was particularly impressed by the short milling time and the very good shade of the restorations. He feels the disc has a distinct advantage over the block in terms of efficiency when milling several different types of restoration all at once. An additional advantage to the block is the fact that it is possible to mill a 3-unit bridge from the disc.

Available at:
The new glass disc will be available directly from pritidenta from November 2023. It has a height of 12mm and a strength of 450 MPa after complete crystallization. For the start, the following shades will be available: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, C2, D2, Bleach 2.  

About pritidenta:
As a specialist for dental CAD/CAM materials, pritidenta has stood for brand quality from Germany for over ten years. pritidenta is a developer and manufacturer of premium products with the core competence of zirconium dioxide and high-quality production technologies for CAD/CAM materials. As a company of the imes-icore group, dental technicians and dentists therefore have access to first-class CORiTEC materials for efficient production and automation in the CAD/CAM process.

For more information, please visit the website at: www.pritidenta.com