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Directly screwed implant-based indications demand the highest operational standard of care and precision in the entire process chain of the CAD/CAM manufacturing process. Reliable CAD/CAM-based production requires an integrated work flow in order to achieve permanent consistent quality and reproducibility..

The highest degree of precision exacts precise coordination of all components in the CAD/CAM process chain from the first to the last step. imes-icore® cooperates with ELOS Medtech to provide the necessary technology for the integrated work flow for the production of high-quality implant bars and implant bridges. 

Fully automated Refit workflow

CAD software exports implant geometries as STL files. The „ReFit“ system automatically exchanges these implant geometries with detailed high-resolution vector connection geometries. Afterwards the milling template is executed which is optimally adapted to the Interface geometry. The process enables high-precision machining and ensures consistent reproducibility.

Implant package

The iCAM V5 smart ReFit Implant Module is required. The Elos Accurate® Implant Package contains all available implant geometries from ELOS for the manufacturing of implant-based bridges and bars. The Elos ReFit Implant Module is matched with the Elos Accurate® Custom Bar Bridge CAD library and is compatible with 3shape Dental System® and exocad DentalCAD.

The CAD STL output of the Elos Accurate® library is automatically exchanged with an optimally millable interface geometry in the vector format through the integrated workflow. The best possible result is ensured by using the Elos Accurate® Custom Bar Bridge CAD library, Elos Accurate® IO Scan Body, Elos lab analog and screw.