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Good news from Eiterfeld, Hesse: imes-icore® GmbH launches the newest versions of its dental milling machines CORiTEC one and CORiTEC one+. The company produces dental milling machines for more than 18 years and impresses with professional and high-quality CAD/CAM-systems. With the CORiTEC one and one+, imes-icore® offers perfectly suited milling machines for the chairside area as well as clinics and small laboratories. Both systems assure new features and a wide range of applications and are the perfect assistants for dentists and dental technicians.

Thanks to a new mono block cast body, the CORiTEC one offers maximum stability and precision. Self-sufficient operation without external compressed air as well as extremely short grinding and milling times enable flexible work in the chairside area. The CORiTEC one is equipped with four axes, has space for up to six tools and is able to process all conventional materials of the dental industry. More precisely, it is possible to mill PMMA, PEEK, wax, composites and glass ceramics in the form of blocks. In addition, the CORiTEC one enables the processing of pre-milled abutments with the highest accuracy.

Dentists who wants to have a wider range of applications are able to work with the CORiTEC one+ in the future. This machine has an innovative 5-axis simultaneous technology which means that more complex restorations can also be produced easily. The “one+” impresses with an even greater variety of applications. The possibility to integrate a 98 mm blank holder, a C-Clamp holder or a 1-fold universal adapter via a quick clamping system generates a high flexibility. Furthermore, a 6-fold glass ceramics holder is included in the system and there is enough space for up to 10 tools. These features are generating more flexibility on your daily work and make the CORiTEC one+ an unmatched system of machine size and functionality.

Both machines are easy to operate due to the integrated Windows computer, along with its proprietary software “CORiTEC Smart Control”. Graphical elements and a well-structured menu navigation help the user to get to the desired results quickly. The integrated temperature compensation in both systems ensures that all restorations are manufactured with consistently high precision – irrespective of the temperatures inside or outside the machines. In addition, the new versions of the systems will have an auto-calibration and an automated cleaning function. This saves useful time and makes both milling machines even more valuable for using in the chairside and laboratory area.

The CORiTEC one and one+ offer an open workflow, which means that they can be easily combined with the most common software and applications, such as intraoral scanners. The optimized CAD / CAM workflow with the software “exocad” makes the daily work even easier.

With all their outstanding features, the CORiTEC one and one + provide an outstanding quality, high automatisation and the best ratio of machine size and flexibility. Further information is available online at www.imes-icore.de. There is also the opportunity for every interested party to contact imes-icore® employees for personal consultation to find the right system.