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imes-icore USA” Competence & Service Center in Las Vegas

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In order to further optimize the support of its distributors and customers, imes-icore has taken an important step to enhance the company’s market presence in the United States by changing the name of the Competence & Service Center to “imes-icore USA”.

This change from “PM-Technologies” to “imes-icore USA” has been executed as part of the long-term expansion strategy which puts a major focus on customer service and support in the US-market.

PM Technologies, one of the official imes-icore Competence & Service Centers, joined the imes-icore group in 2018 to provide imes-icore distributors and customers inside USA the best possible service and support. In combination with the name change, imes-icore will further expand the location by offering stock of machines, materials, tools and spare parts in order to support the rapidly increasing number of customers in the US-market. The company will remain under the proven leadership of Paul Morales and will furthermore offer specific trainings for CORiTEC dental machines and CAM software to address customers’ daily challenges.

imes-icore GmbH has emerged from being an expert for individual CNC - Machining systems to one of the world market leaders in digital dental CAD/CAM milling systems to serve all dental market segments such as dentists, clinics, laboratories and milling centers by offering the broadest portfolio of dental milling and grinding machines worldwide. In 2021, imes-icore expanded its product portfolio by means of its CORiTEC AM100 to include future-oriented additive metal manufacturing as well. 

Besides CORiTEC AM100 which is ideal for big laboratories and milling centers, imes-icore introduced its simple, fast and accurate chairside workflow by offering the “CORiTEC ione” intraoral scanner, to produce high quality digital intraoral scans for dental restorations in a perfect chairside workflow with the “CORiTEC one” machine series. The “CORiTEC one+” is the first fully open 5-axes chairside milling machine in the world, which offers dentists and dental clinics the production of all kind of indications by milling all common materials in blocks and blanks as well as pre-milled abutments. 

In addition, the “CORiTEC Aligner and CORiTEC Aligner L” production systems, the biggest highlights of imes-icore this year fulfill the customers’ demand to produce up to 1000 aligners per day for trimming and laser marking. 

For more information about the imes-icore new product portfolio and to discover more about the company, visit its new designed website www.imes-icore.com or www.imes-icore.net