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German medium-sized company imes-icore triumphs with innovative digital ecosystem "DSM".

German company imes-icore has won the coveted Digital X Award in the category "Connected Business" for their digitization project. This prestigious award, presented in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom and the Federal Association of Medium-Sized Business (BVMW), honors outstanding achievements in the German medium-sized sector that creatively implement digital solutions.

Transparency and Networking: DSM revolutionizes the dental sector
imes-icore has distinguished itself as a pioneer in the digitization of the dental sector through its groundbreaking digital ecosystem called DSM (Dental Smart Market). DSM is a unique platform that digitally represents, simplifies, and accelerates all relevant CAD/CAM technologies, products, and services for the dental sector. It not only digitally represents the machine systems, sales and service processes, it also transparently provides real-time data. Thanks to innovative connectivity, the machine's status can be monitored in real-time from a mobile phone, laptop, or computer, providing access to important information such as machine data, maintenance intervals, and documents.

What sets DSM apart is its ability to connect dental technicians and dentists, dealers, service partners, and patients within the imes-icore group and with each other. This allows imes-icore to better understand its customers' machine usage and offer more targeted product sales and service.

Through DSM, upcoming services can be identified, and material and tool consumption can be tracked, significantly automating and expediting the ordering and delivery process. imes-icore has elevated automation in the dental sector to a new level, ensuring that processes will run faster and more efficiently in the future.

Digitization in medium-sized businesses: imes-icore as a pioneer and trailblazer
The Digital X Award underscores imes-icore's commitment to innovation and digitization in the dental sector. With this latest award, imes-icore continues its journey as a leading manufacturer in the digital transformation of the dental industry, emphasizing its contribution to promoting innovation and efficiency in medium-sized businesses.