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Quality and Extravagance

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The prestige object as a real dentist!

NOW IN GOLD! CORiTEC one+ limited edition - The Prestige Object as a real Dentist!

The CORiTEC one+ is the high-end model in the chairside sector and is now available in a golden design. In addition to the attractive look, the system convinces with its 5-axis simultaneous technology and the use of different holding systems.

This means that both the C-clamp and the block holder can be integrated in addition to the universal blank holder. This creates new application possibilities and more flexibility in the fabrication of the desired dental restoration.

The compact and stable basic design of the machine enables self-sufficient precise work in blocks and blanks without external compressed air.

Also, the open system offers a simple and safe workflow, which is compatible with all common and open IOS.

Convince yourself of the functionality and performance of the golden CORiTEC one+ limited edition, which exceeds all expectations of the dentist.

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