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Perfect processing of fully sintered zircon blocks in the CAD/CAM workflow

imes-icore is the first milling machine manufacturer to offer a fully densely sintered multicolor zirconia in collaboration with its zirconia specialist Pritidenta, which significantly simplifies and accelerates the workflow for many dentists and practice laboratories. In combination with the imes-icore chairside solution, the CORiTEC one and CORiTEC one+, the One-Visit restoration can now be implemented even faster without a long sintering process.

What is fully densely sintered zircon?

Zirconium has been a promising material for many years, which is ideally suited for fully anatomical variants and is increasingly becoming a focus for high-quality dental restorations. With the newly available CORiTEC direct ZR-ML block material supplied in block form, imes-icore and pritidenta are providing for the first time a material that has already been densely sintered prior to machine processing.

What are the advantages?

Densely sintered zirconia, also known as zirconia ceramic, has several advantages that make it a popular material for various applications:

Aesthetics, strength and high efficiency – Due to the robust performance of CORiTEC machines, CORiTEC direct ZR-ML block materials can be finished in very attractive process times with low tool wear despite their high strength. In combination with the simple CORiTEC Chairside workflow, this means a high level of cost-effectiveness for the user.

Machining and handling – The CORiTEC one machine series can easily process densely sintered zirconia, in combination with low wear of the optimized grinding tools. The high mechanical properties of the blocks ensure precise dimensional stability. Since no additional sintering is required, shrinkage does not occur during subsequent processing steps. This offers a considerable time advantage! When processing the blocks, the CORiTEC one machine series delivers flawless results, which significantly reduce the effort required for final polishing due to a highly good surface finish.

Strength and stability – The exceptional mechanical properties eliminate the risk of deformation due to subsequent sintering. Compared to other materials, densely sintered zirconia offers very high bending strength and esthetics without breaking or splintering. This makes it suitable for highly demanding applications that require tight tolerances and consistent quality, and where strength as well as durability are important.

Multicolor translucency – The densely sintered Multicolor blocks with integrated harmonious color gradient achieve a high degree of translucency and naturalness, so that the appearance of real teeth can be reproduced in the best possible way by means of a broad color spectrum.

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