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STARTERKIT "Thread milling for Rhein83 equators"

| Workflow

Suitable for CORiTEC 350i / 650i series

In order to use attachments with a thread, you need a blind hole with a thread in the primary construction (e.g. milled bar), into which the corresponding attachment is screwed. With the starter kit "Thread milling for Rhein83 equators" you are able to mill M2 threads in milled blind holes for bar work with the help of a thread milling tool, in order to then screw in the attachments.

In addition to the required thread milling tool, the starter kit includes two equators with accessories from Rhein83 and the implementation of the milling strategy in the iCAM V5 smart / Expert software.

Item number: 512000 0300 

  • M2 thread milling cutter 6mm shank diameter
  • Caps assortment kit
  • Special screwdriver
  • Equator attachment 2 mm

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