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Validated Workflow with VITA

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VITA Zahnfabrik and imes-icore in a strong partnership for an efficient digital workflow

A precise, high-quality machine system with an optimized milling-grinding strategy, perfect tools and materials is essential to produce high-quality dental restorations from blanks and blocks. To achieve this goal, VITA Zahnfabrik and imes-icore have decided to bundle their material and technology expertise. This should enable even more users to benefit from the advantages of the digital workflow.

An important milestone in this collaboration is the successful validation of all current milling/grinding machines from imes-icore with the renowned VITA CAD/CAM materials. This validation provides users with a process-safe workflow and system support that enables the production of consistent products that meet the given high-quality specifications.

"The close collaboration between VITA Zahnfabrik and imes-icore allows us to offer our customers a holistic approach that maximizes the performance of the digital workflow," said Onur Yildirim, Business Development Manager at VITA Zahnfabrik. "The validation of imes-icore milling machines with VITA materials underscores our shared vision to produce high-quality restorations efficiently and precisely."

Dr. Michael Krieg, Head of Business Development at imes-icore, added: "We are looking forward to working with VITA Zahnfabrik and expanding our leading technology expertise. The official validation of our production systems with the VITA CAD/CAM materials enables us to offer our customers a safe and reliable solution that meets the highest quality standards."

The cooperation between VITA Zahnfabrik and imes-icore stands for continuous innovation and the use of state-of-the-art technologies in the field of dental restorations. Together, they strive to increase efficiency and quality in the digital workflow to best meet user requirements.

About VITA Zahnfabrik: VITA Zahnfabrik is a leading manufacturer of dental materials and solutions. The company specializes in the development of high-quality restorations and offers a comprehensive product range for dentists and dental technicians worldwide.

About imes-icore: imes-icore is a renowned manufacturer of dental production systems and dental technology solutions. The company specializes in the development of innovative, digital technologies for dental manufacturing and offers its customers customized solutions for efficient and precise production.