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The Support for Quick Scanning CORiTEC®ione scan


High precision and accuracy

Matched open system

and light

CORiTEC ione scan

For optimal scanning angle

Only 59s
For a full arch scan

High Precision
For perfect resolution and accuracy scan

Highly compatible
Open to all CORiTEC systems

Support for Quick Scanning CORiTEC®ione scan

  • Compact, glossy and smooth design
  • Attractive price performance ratio
  • 250 times autoclavable tips
  • With only 150g weight is one of the smallest and the lightest scanners worldwide
  • Well-ergonomic design by rotating tip
  • No software update and support fees
  • Perfectly matched open system in practice





For a
full arch scan



Small and

Support for Quick Scanning CORiTEC®ione scan

The CORiTEC ione scan is designed and developed to produce high-quality digital intraoral scans or models for dental restoration or analysis.

To ensure accurate and fast scanning, the CORiTEC ione scan is one of the smallest and the lightest scanners worldwide.

An Excellent Choice for Outstanding Results – The imes-icore Intraoral Scanner! The Perfect Symbiosis


CORiTEC ione scan is a perfect upgrade for digital dentistry. A completely open system that allows you to work in your digital workflow. Regardless of how you want to process the work, CORiTEC ione scan guarantees an efficient digital chairside workflow for your practice lab as well as in cooperation with your preferred partners. User-friendly, intuitive, small and perfectly connected to exocad Chairside CAD and our two chairside milling machines CORiTEC one and CORiTEC one+.

The CORiTEC ione scan merges perfectly with our CORiTEC one Chairside series to form a unified workflow that makes dental offices, practice laboratories and clinics work even more efficient and easier. The CORiTEC ione scan is open to be connected to all other CORiTEC machines and can be purchased separately.


Implant abutments


Anatomic crowns

Support for Quick Scanning Wide Range of Indications

  • Anatomic crowns
  • Provisional crowns
  • Implant bridges
  • Pontics (anatomical/reduced/provisional)
  • Inlays/Onlays
  • Implant abutments
  • Bridges
  • Orthodontic aligners
  • Nightguards
  • Aligners
  • Retainers
  • Bleach trays
  • Sleep appliances

Intelligent Software one clinic

The intuitive one clinic software and easy-to-use interface, which are available in more than 10 languages, provide a quick learning curve to support you to meet all your restorative, orthodontic and implantology needs.

CORiTEC ione scan - One Clinic - Case Management
Case Management Software Overview - Start Screen Patients
CORiTEC ione scan - One Clinic - New Order
Create new order - Selecting the Restoration
CORiTEC ione scan - One Clinic - Bite Alignment
Bite Alignment - Finalizing

one clinic Software

By using the one clinic software, you are perfectly able to manage the intuitive and user-friendly interface with clear workflows that provides you a quick learning curve for staff. With comprehensible workflows and a cloud sharing platform, the one clinic makes it even much easier to create the patient cases, scan, and share it with your labs.

Open to All Scenarios Integrated Workflow

imes-icore offers a whole chairside package including"ione scan" intraoral scanner, exocad Chairside CAD/CAM, "CORiTEC one" chairside milling machines series and a wide range of materials and tools.

imes-icore is the first manufacturer worldwide that has fully integrated open system which is able to combine the system with other products as well as all common intraoral scanners.

ONE is enough to complete your intelligent workflow! CORiTEC ione scan Workflow

1. Make a new file
In a few steps you can create, manage and order the case

2. Scanning process
Convenient scanning for dentists and dental assistants

3.one cloud
ione cloud has an easy module for sharing the digital results

4. CAD compatible
Open to all CORiTEC CAD/CAM milling machines systems

Everything at a Glance

  • Scanner Type
    Hand-held (chairside) scanner that creates optical impressions for dental restorations
  • Software
    One Clinic
  • Scanner Tip
    Reusable, sterilize using steam autoclave
  • Heating Element
    Prevents formation of fog on the optics
  • Acquisition Method
    Intraoral camera – active stereo imaging
  • Design
    Compact, lightweight, ergonomic – designed to be operated with little physical effort
  • Power Requirement
    DC5.0V / 4A (Power supply included)
  • Color Scanning
    24-bit (8-bit per channel)

Mechanics / Electronics

  • Power Requirement
    DC5.0V / 4A (Power supply included)

Connecting Requirements

  • Weight
    150 g
  • Basisabmessungen
    306 x 98 x 72 mm
  • Scannerabmessungen
    256 x 43 x 43 mm

Download & Information

CORiTEC ione scan leaflet
CORiTEC one/one+ Chairside Workflow

CORiTEC®ione scan The Support for Quick Scanning