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New focus and a modern logo

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imes-icore is starting its anniversary year 2022 with new product offerings and a new logo

imes-icore is looking back to a successful and eventful year in which imes-icore has launched many innovative products into the market. Next year, the focus will be on international growth through new innovation in digital CAD/CAM systems, services and the adaptation of the corporate structure.

imes-icore has been expanding constantly for the last 20 years. In order to further accelerate the planned international growth in the dental and medical sector, imes-icore has divested its industrial division per end of 2021. This strategic decision will free-up further resources to be focused on the dental and medical sector in order to offer the customers enhanced, best-in-class services and products with the highest quality standards.

The concentration on the dental and medical sector is accompanied by new developments in the product range in the field of automation and digitalisation for dental laboratories, milling centers and dentists. Besides the proven milling machine portfolio, new offerings for aligner production, metal 3D-printing and a seamless Chairside workflow will be launched in 2022.

The public image as a “dental and medical company” will be emphasized by a newly designed company logo which is going to underline imes-icore’s future focus segments by adding the claim “Dental & Medical Solutions”. With these strategic changes, imes-icore strengthens its commitment to be a reliable and competent system and service provider for its customers and partners in the global dental business.