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Today, imes-icore proudly presents its “CORiTEC ione scan” to put one more step towards digitalization taking advantage of high-quality digital scanning to improve the workflow for all dental professionals. The ione scan solution is designed and developed to produce high-quality digital intraoral scans, or models, for dental restoration or analysis.

Bring the variety and efficiency to your workflow. The CORiTEC ione scan is a perfect upgrade to digital dentistry. A completely open system that allows you to work in your digital workflow. Regardless of how you want to design your work processes, CORiTEC ione scan enables efficient digital chairside workflow for your practice lab as well as in cooperation with your preferred partners. User-friendly, in color, small and perfectly connected to exocad software and our both chairside milling machines CORiTEC one and CORiTEC one+.

To ensure accurate and fast scanning, our IOS is one of the smallest ones in the world. Also, the intuitive software, easy-to-use interface provide a quick learning curve to support you to meet all your restorative, orthodontic and implantology needs. CORiTEC ione scan merges perfectly with our CORiTEC one chairside series to form a unified workflow that makes dental offices, practice laboratories and clinics to work even more efficient and easier. In addition, CORiTEC ione scan is open to be connected to all other CORiTEC milling machines and can be purchased separately.

For further information, visit www.imes-icore.de. There you will also have the opportunities to contact imes-icore® employees by phone or per email. we are always available to give you personal advices.