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The Intelligent Chairside Solution CORiTEC® one

Pre-milled abutment


The highest

Single visit restoration


Ergonomic handling 
Simple 10'1" touchscreen operation and integrated PC

Independent operation
Possible without external compressed air

Material magazine
1 block / 1 pre-milled Abutment

Powerful processing
High end spindle for milling and grinding up to 100.000 rpm

Intelligent Chairside Solution CORiTEC® one HIGHLIGHTS

  • An open system which can be integrated in all intraoral scanners
  • Optimized for the integrated CAD/CAM workflow with exocad
  • Self-sufficient operation without external compressed air
  • Machining for all common block materials  and prefabricated abutments
  • No external PC required
  • Auto-Calibration
  • Automatic cleaning function

Single holder




Fold automatic tool changer


Different indications possible

Intelligent Chairside Solution Maximising Performance

The CORiTEC one combines the highest quality, efficiency and automation for your workflow. Single-visit restorations and implant restorations are among the strengths of CORiTEC one. CORiTEC one combines the highest quality, efficiency and automation within the workflow.


Inlay, Onlay,



Intelligent Chairside Solution Wide Range of Applications

  • Dense-sintered Zirconia
  • Pre-sintered Zirconia
  • Pre-milled abutment (Ti)
  • Pre-milled abutment (CoCr)
  • Glass ceramic
  • Lithium disilicate
  • Lithium silicate
  • Hybrid ceramic
  • Composite
  • PEEK
  • PMMA
  • Wax

Wet and Dry Milling Unmatched Flexibility

The CORiTEC one offers an unmatched range of indications with the possibility of wet and dry processing. Regardless of the chosen method, the stable core of the system offers the highest quality restoration.

Wet and Dry Milling Unmatched Flexibility

The CORiTEC one offers an unmatched range of indications with the possibility of wet and dry processing. Regardless of the chosen method, the stable core of the system offers the highest quality restoration.

Glass Ceramics Adapter

Each restoration is fabricated with optimum precision and flexibility to open up almost free choices of materials and indications.

  • Suitable for 1-fold universal adapter of CORiTEC one
  • Processing of all common chairside materials (e.g., glass ceramics & lithium disilicate)


Pre-milled Abutment Adapter

Each restoration is fabricated with optimum precision and flexibility to open up almost free choices of materials and indications.

  • Passend für den 1-fach Universalhalter der CORiTEC one
  • Hohe Passgenauigkeit durch vorgefertigte Implantatschnittstellen
  • Verschiedene Abutmentsysteme verfügbar (z.B. nt-trading, DESS, Medentika oder Zfx)



Intelligent Software CORiTEC® SmartControl

  • Modern touch control design
  • Dentist module - optimized for chairside workflow
  • Automated transfer of information from the CAM software
  • Smart tool management
  • The easiest operation through intuitive graphical user interface
  • High end performance for imes-icore machines
  • Remote monitoring
  • Job management with 3D preview
  • Multi-language support
CORiTEC one - SmartControl - Overview
Real-time preview of milling data
CORiTEC one - SmartControl - Tools
Simple and clear tool selection
CORiTEC one - SmartControl - Tool manager
Ideal tool management

CORiTEC SmartControl

The newly developed control software "SmartControlTM" provides absolutely intuitive operation for our chairside milling machine "CORiTEC one" which is especially made for the desire of the dentists to make use of it as easy as possible. From selecting the job to milling or monitoring the machine status; the self-explanatory and optimized handling makes it possible to start operating the machine in the shortest possible time. Starting a milling process requires only two clicks – Use the benefit of the smart time saving in your workflow!

Smart High End Solution iCAM one

  • In-CAD Nesing integrated
  • 4-axis simultaneous machining
  • Fully automatic and easy operations with “Wizard Workflow“
  • „ReFit“-Abutment exchange geometries
  • Placing retaining bridges across jobs

iCAM one

iCAM one enables the fully automated chairside workflow via in-CAD nesting for the CORiTEC one. The software enables high-precision milling data calculation in simultaneous 4-axis machining for best surface quality and fitting accuracy. Especially with hard materials such as glass ceramics, cobalt chrome or titanium, high-resolution milling data are decisive for best fitting accuracy. In addition, the tool life is increased by smooth running of the machine during machining. Thanks to predefined milling strategies developed by imes-icore® for all materials and applications, the iCAM one provides you with a valuable CAM solution that increases the productivity of the CAD/CAM system.

Smart High End Solution iCAMHD*

  • High degree of automation
  • Efficient work due to support in job management
  • Fast training due to intuitive workflow
  • Individual management of the scope of processing options
  • Worldwide “up to date” at any time through automatic update function
  • Creation of individual quality standards by the user
  • Strategies for tool path generation for the highest surface quality
  • Complete collision monitoring

* coming soon...

Open to All Scenarios Integrated Workflow

imes icore offers a whole chairside package including intraoral scanner, exocad Chairside CAD/CAM, "CORiTEC one" chairside milling machine and a wide range of materials and tools.

imes-icore is the first manufacturer worldwide that has fully integrated open system which allows to combine the system with other products as well as all common intraoral scanners.


An Excellent Choice For Outstanding Results – The imes-icore intraoral scanner! CORiTEC ione scan

one Is Enough To Complete Your Intelligent Workflow

CORiTEC ione scan is a perfect upgrade for digital dentistry. A completely open system that allows you to work in your digital workflow. Regardless of how you want to process the work, CORiTEC ione scan guarantees an efficient digital chairside workflow for your practice lab as well as in cooperation with your preferred partners. User-friendly, intuitive, small, perfectly connected to exocad Chairside CAD and our two chairside milling machines CORiTEC one and CORiTEC one+.

Intelligent Chairside Solution Additional Accessories

In order to adapt our CORiTEC one even more individually to customer requirements, we offer accessories that make both the workflow and the milling process even more convenient and efficient.



Zirconia Professional Package: 
The Zirconia Professional Package is a complementary package to meet the dentist’s desired properties. It offers the possibility to produce zirconium oxide units as precious as laboratory units with only 3 bar compressed air. Finally, Zirconia Professional Package fulfills your requirements by providing you the possibilty to have outstanding results.



The undercounters, specially developed for the needs of the various machine types, impress with their robust design as well as their attractive appearance. The machine tables have sufficient floor space. Stable rollers ensure optimum stability and easy movement of the devices. Drawers, cable ducts and a cabinet for the integration of appropriate extraction systems are already provided.

Machine table T0:
W x H x D: 422 x 900 x 540 mm / 16.6 x 35.4 x 21.3 inch


suction systems

iVAC silent:
The iVAC silent is able to convince with its compact design and high-quality technology, all at an affordable price. Equipped with a Teflon filter cartridge with automated cleaning and dust drawer with a volume of 8 liters. A volume flow of 160m³/hr makes it suitable for the CORiTEC one, 150i and 250i milling machines. The iVAC silent fits the imes-icore machine tables T0, T1 and T2.

Volume flow160 m³/hr
Output480 W
Filter system      Teflon filter cartridge,
automatic cleaning feature
Filter volume8 liters
W x D x H
245 x 500 x 440
9.7 x 19.7 x 17.3
Supply voltage230 V

Everything at a Glance

  • Monitor
    Integrated 10'1" touchscreen
  • Control Software
    CORiTEC SmartControlTM 
    ­integrated CNC software
  • Tool changer
  • Cooling
    3 liter / 11.36 gpm tank integrated
  • Air pressure
    No external air pressure required
  • Tool length control
    ≤ 0,002 mm precision
  • Spindle type
    High frequency spindle
  • Max. rotational speed / spindle power
    100.000 rpm, 860 Watt
  • Integrated PC
    Windows based
  • Tools
    Milling and grinding tools with 3 mm tool shaft

Mechanics / Electronics

  • Number of axes and movement type
    4 axes, simultaneous machining
  • Angle of attack
    ± 180°
  • Rotation angle
    A-axis 360°

Connecting Requirements

  • Weight
    75 kg / 165.35 Ibs
  • Width x depth x height
    422 x 556 x 644 mm / 16.6 x 21.9 x 25.4 inch
  • Mains voltage / frequency / power
    100 V - 230 V / 50/60 Hz / 500 W

Download & Information

CORiTEC one/one+ brochure
CORiTEC one/one+ Chairside Workflow

CORiTEC® one The Intelligent Chairside Solution