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imes-icore sets Quantum Leap with the new CORiTEC 350i X PRO

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imes-icore sets Quantum Leap with the new CORiTEC 350i X PRO

imes-icore, the pioneer in high-performance dental milling systems, presents the new CORiTEC 350i X PRO series, an Xtrem version of its existing CORiTEC 350i series. Ready for the real quantum leap into the high-end segment, the CORiTEC 350i X PRO series delivers true neXt-level performance and defines new standards with the perfect symbiosis of speed, surface quality and precision.

Key Features of CORiTEC 350i X PRO:

  • New, highly dynamic high-end control with perfect path behavior
  • Milling processes up to 50 % faster
  • New high-performance spindle with 3 kW power and high torque
  • Optimized construction and ergonomic housing design
  • Interchangeable tool magazines
  • PowerClamp - zero-point clamping system with 4 times higher clamping force
  • Fully automatic, 15-fold workpiece changer (CORiTEC 350i Loader X PRO)
  • Perfectly adapted lower tables for the integration of accessories
  • 2-fold ionizer
  • Cooling system with 3-fold performance
  • Improved work access thanks to larger door opening
  • Excellent processing quality at maximum output
  • Enables 24-hour production in mixed operation
  • Use of a wide variety of adapter systems for the entire range of indications

Performance Enhancement:

The CORiTEC 350i X PRO series combines state-of-the-art control technology and drive components with optimally coordinated parameters. This reduces the milling time by up to 50% and achieves perfect surface quality. The PowerClamp zero-point clamping system offers four times the XtraPower clamping force, which increases rigidity and reduces vibration, resulting in a quantum leap in performance. The 3 kW milling spindle meets the highest demands for surface quality.

Innovative Design and Operation of CORiTEC 350i X PRO series:

  • Optimized handling thanks to fresh, modern design
  • Simple operation thanks to new graphical user software
  • Larger touchscreen in full HD
  • Revolutionary improved base structure made of polymer concrete
  • Integrated wet and dry processing

Versatility in Applications:

Thanks to the wide variety of holder systems, such as C-clamp round, block and abutment holders and many more, almost the entire spectrum of dental indications can be fabricated with the new system. The strength of the system is particularly evident in the metal processing of CoCr and titanium: the CORiTEC 350i X PRO series enables complex implant abutments of outstanding quality. A reliable workflow is guaranteed with the corresponding high-performance tools and high-quality materials from Pritidenta.

The SmartControl user interface enables intuitive operation of the machine and guides you step by step through the integrated auto-calibration unit, among other things. The CAM solutions iCAM V5 and iCAM HD provide perfectly coordinated milling strategies.

The new CORiTEC 350i X PRO series - everything you can expect in terms of Xtra performance and versatility!