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imes-icore® LAUNCHES ITS NEW CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO

| Machines

The imes-icore® GmbH is happy to announce the launch of its brand new dental milling machine, the CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO. The company based in Eiterfeld, Hesse, manufactures dental milling machines for over 19 years and is well known for its professional and high-quality CAD/CAM systems. With their newest machine, imes-icore® developed a system that perfectly fits the current needs of dental technicians working in laboratories. Anyone who is looking for a compact milling system that convinces with a perfected automation in the smallest of spaces and a large application variety, should take a closer look at the CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO.

The newest milling machine from imes-icore® offers maximum performance, several new features and is able to work fully automated. These characteristics guarantee that the CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO is the perfect system for processing blanks and blocks. A newly designed monoblock cast body gives the CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO maximum stability and ensures that every restoration is processed with maximum precision. Thanks to the dynamic 5-axis simultaneous machining with high angles of incidence and a large variety of clamping adapters, the milling machine offers its user an unmatched variety of indication options.

In terms of the software, the CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO convinces with innovation and technical progress. The developers of the operating software „CORiTEC SmartControl“ put a lot of effort into creating a software that allows a simple and intuitive machine operation with the help of the integrated Windows computer and a touchscreen. Graphical elements are implemented into the user interface to guide the operator quickly and safely to the desired result.

Another advantage of the CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO: the milling system offers the possibility of both wet and dry processing. This allows the operator to work with a lot of different materials such as zirconium dioxide, PEEK, wax, PMM, composites and other materials. Even CAD/CAM blocks like glass ceramics and lithium disilicate can be processed thanks to the option of wet milling. Furthermore, the high stability of the system allows the user to process metals such premilled abutments made of titanium or chrome-cobalt, which are fixated by an innovative adapter system. The cooling and filter system for wet milling is already integrated inside the system, thus an external water connection is not required.

Additionally to all these features, the CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO also impresses with a powerful high-frequency spindle. Thanks to an output of 750 watts and a maximum speed of up to 100,000rpm, the spindle offers the perfect combination of precision and performance. A built-in ionizer helps to keep the interior clean. The component prevents the static charging of the shavings which emerges during the milling process and therefore reduces the effort that is need to clean the machine afterwards. Additionally, an integrated cleaning function helps to clean the processing area. The fully automated 7-fold (optional: 9-fold) blank changer and the 16-fold tool changer give the operator the possibility to process all common applications of the dental industry with maximum precision.

On top of that, an integrated temperature compensation ensures consistently precise milling results – regardless of temperature fluctuations around or inside the system. And thanks to the open software architecture of the machine, it is possible to use the CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO in combination with many common scanners and a lot of CAD and CAM software.

All these characteristics combined ensure that the CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO from imes-icore® offers the best quality, high flexibility and maximum automation. Got curious? Then visit www.imes-icore.de to get further information of the CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO. Also, the website offers the possibility to get in touch with employees of imes-icore® which help every interested customer to find the perfect system for his needs from the large machine family of CORiTEC systems.