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smartDenture Workflow

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The integrated iCAM V5 smart solution

Variety through automated smartDenture workflow

The automated smartDenture workflow enables all kind of production of the complete dentures, not only with individually milled components, but also with the processing of the ready-made teeth stored in the CAD. By loading a single stl-file, an automated workflow is started, which mills the upper side of the denture with pockets, as well as the possibility of the functional design of the masticatory apparatus and the buttom of the denture base.

The integrated iCAM V5 smart solution for:

Differences between individually produced teeth and prefabricated teeth

Individually milled teeth Ready-made teeth
  • Teeth can be modified in CAD
  • Self-made from multilayer discs
  • Aesthetics and material sub-optimal
    No huge stock
  • Function is also milled as designed in CAD
  • Working with single teeth, blocks and dental
    arches are possible
  • Occlusion corrections possible for every tooth
  • Can not be modified
  • Teeth must be purchased
  • Aesthetics and material are mature
    Tooth storage must be kept in stock
  • Function is milled by machine
  • Working only with single teeth
  • Occlusion of the posterior teeth can only
    be corrected in a block

Take advantage of the uniqueness of the system!

The positions of the designed teeth (individual/block/prefabricated), which are glued into the base after milling, always show variations due to the gap dimension created in the design software. These include differences in the occlusion (opening and closing of the jaws) and articulation (lateral movement of the jaws).


The smartDenture workflow offers the solution

By marking the interference areas with a brush in the iCAM V5 smart software, the premature contacts are removed during the milling process and thus the functionality of the prosthesis is re-established. This can be achieved only by precise repositioning using a zero-point clamping system in the CORiTEC milling machines listed below. Reocclusion/rearticulation is neither possible with additive manufacturing techniques nor with machines without a zero-point clamping system or adequate systems.


CORiTEC machine systems incl. zero point clamping system