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The Perfect Match and Validated Workflow CORiTEC® preMill Manufacturing Systems

clamping system

100.000 rpm
860 W

CAM System


imes-icore – CORiTEC 150i PRO preMill

The Flexible Milling System CORiTEC® 150i PRO preMill System Package HIGHLIGHTS

  • CORiTEC 150i PRO
    milling machine
  • Holder & tool case
  • 6-fold preMill holder
  • 6 preMills of your choice incl. abutment screw
  • CORiTEC iCAMHD software
  • Integrated HD camera for online monitoring
  • CAD library
  • Tool / Milling tool set
  • Compliant with FDA regulations
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Fold automatic
tool changer




Holder and­­­
adapter­ systems

Flexible in Smallest Space Maximising Performance

Due to machining angle of up to 360°/130° (A-axis/B-axis), the system is able to effortlessly master even the most demanding tasks. The 10-fold-changer places additionally increase the flexibility of the new CORiTEC 150i PRO preMill. With quick clamping system, the various holder systems can be changed quickly and easily while maintaining the same precision.

More Performance, Maximum Flexibility and Extended Application Possibilities Blank & block processing

Thanks to the quick-clamping system, the various holder systems can be changed quickly and easily – while maintaining the same precision. Time-consuming calibrations are therefore unnecessary.

Great varietyof dental applications possible:

  • NEW: CORiTEC preMill Abutments
  • Crowns, bridges, abutments, inlays, onlays, veneers
  • Bite splints and aligners
  • Removable partial designs
imes-icore – CORiTEC one preMill

The Flexible Milling System CORiTEC® one preMill System Package HIGHLIGHTS

  • CORiTEC one
    milling machine
  • 1-fold preMill holder
  • 6 preMills of your choice incl. abutment screw
  • CAD library
  • Tool / Milling tool set
  • Compliant with FDA regulations

Single holder




Fold automatic tool changer


Different indications possible

Intelligent Chairside Solution Maximising Performance

The CORiTEC one preMill combines the highest quality, efficiency and automation for your workflow. Single-visit restorations and implant restorations are among the strengths of CORiTEC one preMill.
CORiTEC one preMill combines the highest quality, efficiency and automation within the workflow.

The CORiTEC preMill Abutmens For added value and growth

  • Follows the natural morphology of the soft tissue
  • Supports the gum and generates a root-shaped emergence profile
  • Enables angulation to the orientation of the prosthetic crown
  • Follows the anatomic shape of the crown giving perfect support and increasing bonding surface
  • Allows a natural transition from implant to the prosthetic crown
  • Adds value in your practice and lab
  • Compliant with FDA regulations
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For Added Value and Growth in Practices and Labs The CORiTEC preMill System

All CORiTEC Abutments, which are available in all implant systems, are supplied without exception including the corresponding abutment screw. When ordering the complete CORiTEC 150i PRO preMill or CORiTEC one preMill system, six blanks of your choice are included in the delivery. The range of CORiTEC preMill Abutments is continuously being expanded with many compatible platforms for implant systems.

  • Self-positioning stable mounting system for optimal positioning on the holder
  • Laser marking with batch and part number for easy identification before and after the milling process and for legal legal traceability
  • Full compatibility due to precision fit of the screw on the original interface
  • Self-locking screws prevent loosening from the module
  • Easy to assemble, easy to clean and easy to change
  • Simple assembly of the holder, the modules and the CORiTEC preMills by using the same driver interface (TORX 20)
  • High degree of design freedom due to minimal gingival height and improved library geometry
  • No widening of the emergence profile needed above the implant diameter
  • Smooth transition area significantly reduces manual reworking
  • Automatic nesting by metadata implementation

Intelligent Software CORiTEC® SmartControl

  • Modern design and simple touch operation
  • Intelligent selection of milling jobs
  • Easy tool and material loading
  • Auto-calibration of the machine
  • Wizard guided cleaning and maintenance
  • Connection to the Dental Smart Market (DSM)
  • Multilingual program interface
  • Automatic update function
CORiTEC 150i - SmartControl - Overview
Real-time preview of milling data
CORiTEC 150i - SmartControl - Tools
Simple and clear tool selection
CORiTEC 150i - SmartControl - Tool manager
Ideal tool management

CORiTEC® SmartControl

The newly developed control software “SmartControlTM“ provides absolutely intuitive operation for our milling machines "CORiTEC preMill Manufacturing Systems". From selecting the job to milling or querying the machine status; the self-explanatory and optimized handling makes it possible to start operating the machine in the shortest possible time. Starting a milling process requires only two clicks – Use the benefit of the smart time saving in your workflow!

Smart High End Solution iCAMHD

  • High degree of automation
  • Efficient work due to support in job management
  • Fast training due to intuitive workflow
  • Individual management of the scope of processing options
  • Worldwide “up to date” at any time through automatic update function
  • Creation of individual quality standards by the user
  • Strategies for tool path generation for the highest surface quality
  • Complete collision monitoring
iCAMHD eco
iCAMHD eco
iCAMHD eco
iCAMHD eco


iCAMHD eco in combination with the CORiTEC 150i PRO preMill represents the current state-of-the-art in the production of digitally created restorations in the laboratory. The management of restoration parts, the intelligent workflow, the automatic blank management and the automatic nesting provide efficiency and reliability in the manufacturing process. The object management in iCAMHD automatically detects when new restorations have been designed in CAD and manages the status of the parts. Questions like „What must be manufactured?“ or „What has already been manufactured?“ will be answered by iCAMHD eco. Therefore, errors which occurred in the past are eliminated. All is completed by the possibility of processing of cobalt-chromium alloys. Thus, iCAMHD eco can handle a wide range of materials. Many blank holder options enable the processing of the blanks from all relevant suppliers of prefabricated blanks to produce abutments. iCAMHD eco automatically finds the right blank and the right holder for the implant interface. The tool paths can be calculated after just three steps. Another highlight of the iCAMHD eco is the creation of individual quality standards by the user. For example, the quality of the surface or how it fits into cavities can be determined by the user. The required settings can be saved afterwards as a profile and used as a standard for the corresponding object type.

Open Interfaces Integrated Workflow

imes-icore offers a whole package including scanner, exocad dentalCAD, iCAM CAM-software, milling and grinding tools and CORiTEC milling machines. The integrated workflow enables both wet and dry milling processes, ensuring process-reliable results. While the CORiTEC 150i PRO preMill requires a minimal external compressed air of only 3 bar, the CORiTEC one preMill operates entirely without compressed air. A perfect solution for remarkable results through a variety of applications.

Everything at a Glance

  • Monitor
    integrated 10‘1" touchscreen
  • Control Software
    CORiTEC SmartControlTM
    integrated CNC software
  • Tool changer
    CORiTEC one preMill: 6-fold
    CORiTEC 150i PRO preMill: 10-fold
  • Cooling
    3 liter / 11.36 gpm tank integrated
  • Illumination
    3 LED status colors
  • Air pressure
    CORiTEC 150i PRO preMill: External compressed air required, 3 bar @ 50l /min
  • Tool length control
    ≤ 0,002 mm precision
  • Spindle type
    high-frequency spindle
  • Max. rotational speed / spindle power
    100.000 rpm / 860 Watt
  • Integrated PC
    Windows based
  • Tools
    Milling and grinding tools with 3 mm tool shaft

Mechanics / Electronics

  • Number of axes and operation type
    CORiTEC one preMill: 4 axes, simultaneous machining
    CORiTEC 150i PRO preMill: 5 axes, simultaneous processing
  • Rotation angle
    CORiTEC one preMill: A-axis 360°
    CORiTEC 150i PRO preMill: A-axis 360°, B-axis 130°

Connecting Requirements

  • Weight
    75 kg / 165.35 Ibs
  • Width x depth x height
    422 x 556 x 644 mm / 16.6 x 21.9 x 25.4 inch
  • Line voltage / frequency 
    100 V - 240 V / 50/60 Hz 

Download & Information

Brochure CORiTEC preMill Manufacturing System
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Detail brochure CORiTEC preMill Abutment system
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Folder Compatibility Platforms preMill Abutments
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CORiTEC® preMill Manufacturing Systems The Perfect Match and validated workflow