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Focus On Productivity and Results CORiTEC® AM100

Ti units

CoCr units

Complex dental



LPBF system
Laser Powder Bed Fusion based technology

i-ProMelt (CoCr) / i-ProFuse (Ti)
Dental alloy powder for manufacturing dental prostheses using the laser melting process

Built up layer by layer based on digital CAD design data

Innovative powder management
Automated and closed powder circulation

Productivity and Results CORiTEC® AM100 HIGHLIGHTS

  • Complex CoCr dental constructions can be simply produced
  • Up to 250 dental units per machining process
  • Up to 500 dental units per day
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Small series and customised production
  • Manufacturing of highly complex, dental constructions
  • Integrated powder supply
  • Removable building module
  • Intuitive machine operation
CORiTEC AMpure (lite)

Saved material is collected in supply cartridge

Integrated ultrasonic sieve unit
Processed powder is prepared by the integrated ultrasonic sieve unit

Powder handling * 
No direct powder contact

Sieved and recycled powder can be reused for the next print job

Productivity and Results CORiTEC® AMpure HIGHLIGHTS

  • Unpacking station includes ultrasonic sieve station for powder preparation*
  • The perfect synergy with Laser-Powder-Bed-Fusion printing system and the subsequent cleaning of the components without powder contact
  • Fully-Automated collection of the excess powder in overflow cartridge

* Unpacking station only integrated in AMpure

CORiTEC AM100 – CORiTEC AMpure – Set
Finishing with CORiTEC 350i PRO/PRO+
Finishing with CORiTEC 650i

Productivity and Results HYBRID PROCESS

  • Perfectly prepared and manufactured units in the additive process for subsequend milling
  • Centering geometries enable optimum orientation in the holder system
  • Restorations produced in the LPBF process are directly remilled on the machines of the CORiTEC 350i / CORiTEC 650i series
  • High precision and excellent surface finish due to perfect milling strategies
  • High-quality dental prosthesis through optimal combination of additive and subtractive technologies 

Laser power


per day


Layer height


Focus diameter

Productivity and Results Maximising Performance

CORiTEC AM100 works according to the Laser-Powder-Bed-Fusion process. In this process, a 200 watt fiber laser with a focus diameter of 70 µm melts the powder material, layer by layer. This enables the production of the most complex geometries on an area of 150 x 150 x 150 mm. This modern technology combines speed and sustainability, resulting in the cost-effective production of dental restorations.


Hybrid processing

Hybrid abutment

Implant prosthetics

Telescopic technology

Productivity And Results Wide Range Of Indications

CORiTEC AM100 has been optimally matched for the i-ProMelt (CoCr) and i-ProFuse (Ti) dental alloy powder to manufacture dental prostheses using the laser melting process.


  • Crowns, bridges
  • Inlays, onlays, veneers
  • Telescope technique
  • Model casting
  • Abutments
  • Implant prosthetics
CORiTEC AM100 – Powder

Perfectly Matched To the CORiTEC AM Series

In addition to software and hardware, the material in particular plays a major role in the success of production. The CoCr and Ti powders i-ProMelt and i-ProFuse are certified and quality-tested powders for the CORiTEC AM100 and its parameters for building up dental applications. 

Once supplied ready to start in the proven cartridge, the material can be fed directly into the process, without cumbersome filling of cylinders or construction chambers of the machines. The powder has excellent process and flow properties and, with a particle size distribution of 10 – 30 µm, ensures an optimum surface finish.

Highly complex frameworks can be built with i-ProMelt and i-ProFuse! Thus, both powdres forms the perfect basis for a variety of veneering ceramics and composite build-ups, such as model casting.

  • Optimum surface quality due to high flowability and particle size in the range of 10 – 30 µm
  • Excellent processing properties
  • Suitable for highly complex frameworks such as superstructures, RPD frameworks, primary and secondary parts as well as crowns and bridges due to the type 5 alloy according to DIN EN ISO22674
  • Perfect basis for a wide range of ceramic veneers due to a CTE value of 14.5 (20 – 500 °C)
  • Optimum handling of the powder material due to suitable container for the CORiTEC AM cartridge system (VPE 5 kg)

Machine Software CORiTEC® AM100 HMI

Just 6 steps to the result

  • Intuitive operation of the HMI
  • Guided step sequence
  • All necessary steps at a glance due to consistent structure of the user interface
  • Optimal overview through status display
  • Permanent construction job control
  • Instructions accessible at any time

Remote Monitoring and Controling CORiTEC AMconnect

  • Remote monitoring and limited controlling of the print job via mobile devices
  • Display of the machine overview
  • Adding of further machines, which can be selected separately
  • Access to the built-in camera of the process chamber
  • Status query of the print jobs

Smart High End Solution iCAM AM laser

  • Modern and intuitive user interface
  • Component analysis and repair through integrated MeshFixer
  • Quick preparation of the platform by drag & drop and automated or manual nesting of the components
  • Parts can be aligned, scaled and copied automatically or manually
  • Critical areas are automatically detected and supported with support structures if necessary
  • Perfect hatching parameters for the recommended powder i-ProMelt
  • 30 days trial installation of the full version possible

iCAM AM laser

iCAM AM laser is our software solution perfectly matched to the CORiTEC AM100 for the rapid preparation of your printing jobs. iCAM AM laser is equipped with all the features and automations required for the manufacturing process of your components.

iCAM AM laser is based on state-of-the-art software architecture in a Windows system.


With the CORiTEC AM100 3D printer and the CORiTEC AMpure unpacking station, imes-icore offers a sophisticated and integrated CAD/CAM workflow. Intuitive and simple preparation of digital CAD design data has resulted in an optimally coordinated system.

In combination with the CORiTEC milling systemsof the 350i/650i series, new standards are set for high-quality dental prostheses through the re-milling of additv printed units in hybrid process to achieve the absolute perfect fit and surface quality.

Fully Equipped Additional Accessories

The iCAM AM slicing software has been specially tailored and adapted to the CORiTEC AM100. The specially assembled starter kit completes the whole package and ensures an immediate start of production. A wide range of additional accessories such as suction system, electric lifting device, annealing oven, nitrogen generator, building modules and building plates are also available.



Starter Kit

Start like a professional! With our comprehensive starter kit, your 3D printing production is ready for immediate use in just a few steps. It contains all the necessary components and offers the option of using both machines separately. With the expansion options of two additional empty powder cartridges and an add-on module, the CORiTEC AM series can also be operated simultaneously.

  • Training for CORiTEC Manufacturing Workflow
  • Approved parameters designed for your production
  • Personal protective equipment as well as required tools
  • 5-set supply interface
  • 2-set overflow interface
  • 2-set overflow cartrige
  • 5-pack cartridge set with CoCr or Ti powder
  • 10-pack of powder coater medium
  • 2x 3-pack substrate plate
  • Accessories package (protective equipment)
  • Bayonet lock
  • Electric lifting device incl. building module fork (only included in Starterkit L)


Building module:

  • 150 x 150 x 150 mm
  • Integrated connection for the build platform and atmosphere balancing process
  • The substrate plate is fixed in the build module of the AM100 with the bayonet lock


Heating module:

  • 150 x 150 x 150 mm
  • For better results with certain materials by printing with optimized temperatures (min. 80°C / max. 200°C)
  • Preheating time of < 60 minutes


Lab module:

  • Mounting surface: 78 x 53 mm (L x W)
  • Use of other powder materials without time-consuming material change
  • Integrated powder supply
  • Removable overflow container
  • Height: 90 mm (1.5-fold dosage)


Substrate Plate | 3-Pack

  • Dimensions: 152 x 30 x 152 mm (W x H x D)
  • provides the perfect basis for component welding
  • Avoidance of distortion as well as optimal heat dissipation


Spare cartridges for supply & overflow:

  • Ergonomic handling with max. 11 kg filling quantity
  • Integrated NFC tag (no material mixing possible, quality assurance of the powder, autom. closing cycle detection, fill level query)


Main filter | Package of 6:

  • Dimensions: 135 x 235 x 135 mm
  • Optimal filtering of the welding fumes for reuse of the gas


PSA package for one person:

  • Personal protective equipment for one person
  • 1 x powder coat | 1 x safety glass | 5 x disposable respirator mask
  • 1 x pack of rubber gloves (L)


Electric lifting device incl. building module fork:

  • Simple transportation of the construction module with a lifting speed of 100 mm/s (with load) with a load capacity of 80 kg
  • Ergonomic due to adjustable handles


CoCr powder package :

  • Powder content per storage container: 5 kg
  • Low annual machine utilization: 6-pack (recommended)
  • Medium annual machine utilization: 9-pack (recommended)
  • High annual machine utilization: 12-pack (recommended)

Everything at a glance

  • Printing process
    Laser Powder Bed Fusion
  • Laser power
    200 W
  • Production capacity / day
    Up to 500 units in CoCr
  • Building volume
    Up to 250 dental units
  • Building plate
    square: 150 x 150 mm
    round: Ø 115 mm
  • Layer height
    20 – 80 microns
  • Focus diameter
    70 μm
  • Inert gas
  • CAM Software
    iCAM AM Laser
    iCAM v5 Hybrid

Connecting requirements

  • Weight
    440 kg / approx. 990 lbs
  • Width x depth x height
    110 x 79 x 190 cm
  • Power supply 
    230 V

Download & Information

CORiTEC AM100 series Flyer
3 MB
CORiTEC AM series brochure
20 MB

CORiTEC® AM100 Focus on productivity and results