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Effectiveness and Flexibility Oriented CORiTEC® Aligner


Job identification

60.000 rpm
Spindle power

by robot

CORiTEC Aligner

ZPC system
integrated zero-point-clamping-system

tool changer
Fully automatic tool changer

integrated touchscreen and PC

high-frequency spindle
up to 60.000 rpm

Effectiveness and Flexibility CORiTEC® Aligner HIGHLIGHTS

  • Job recognition via QR-code scanner
  • Easy tool handling
  • Intuitive control via touch screen
  • Ergonomic loading through clip clamping technology
  • Large work space, easy to clean
  • Compact design
  • Expandable by robot
  • Integrated ionizer*

* optional

CORiTEC Aligner L

ZPC system
integrated zero-point-clamping-system

laser marking
automatic laser marking individualises each aligner

integrated touchscreen and PC

high-frequency spindle
up to 60.000 rpm 

Effectiveness and Flexibility CORiTEC® AlignerL HIGHLIGHTS

  • Job recognition via QR-code scanner
  • Powerful performance. High-end spindle with high torque, 1.6 kW power consumption, 60,000 rpm.
  • Ergonomic operation, touch screen control, PC integrated.
  • Large work space, easy to clean
  • Expandable by robot
  • Integrated ionizer*


iCAM Aligner – Rail trays
Suitable to CORiTEC Aligner
Suitable to CORiTEC Aligner L

Effectiveness and Flexibility CORiTEC® AlignerL EXTENTIONS

  • 6-axis robot
  • Double gripper
  • Easy magazining
  • Modular system
  • Fully automated handling

tool changer


Spindle power


Laser power


Tool shaft

Effectiveness and Flexibility Maximising performance

The CORiTEC Aligner series machine system offers a complete CAD/CAM system for the fabrication of transparent splints (aligners). Based on the proven CORiTEC 350i milling system this innovative machine concept delivers high end performance. Its consistent system integration makes CORiTEC Aligner series a "standalone" complete solution that serves all your needs. 

Fully Automated Different Cutting Line Types

Works perfectly with:

  • PET-G - foil
  • A-B-A 3-layer foil

Machine Software CORiTEC® Remote Dental 3.0

The machine is operated with an integrated touchscreen display using the proven control software Remote Dental 3.0.

  • All important functions and control elements in one overview
  • Easy-to-use tool management
  • Tool runtime monitoring
  • Spare tool function
  • Language-neutral operation through intuitive graphical user interface
  • No license fees

Smart High End Solution iCAM Aligner

  • Fully automated workflow
  • Automated collision control
  • Preset processing parameters
  • 30 days trial installation of full version possible

Open Interfaces Integrated Workflow

imes-icore offers a whole package including scanner, exocad CAD, iCAM CAM software, milling and grinding tools and CORiTEC milling machines.

The integrated workflow for milling processes in combination with the highest level of stability offers process-reliable results for the highest demands.

A perfect solution for remarkable results through a wide range of applications.

Fully Automated Additional accessories

The CORiTEC 350i robot PRO series is compatible with scanners, exocad and impresses with its wide range of additional accessoires such as CAM software, sintering furnaces and extraction systems.



Starter Kit

The upgrade for your existing machine!
Do you already have the CORiTEC 350i milling system? Simply expand it with the CORiTEC Aligner Starter Kit. Thanks to its holder system with integrated zero-point clamping system, you can start your aligner production in just a few steps.

  • 1x tool case
  • 1x holder set with integrated zero point clamping system
  • 5x base plate to hold the blanks
  • 5x trimming tool T112 ( 1.5 mm I 6.0 mm shaft)


Aligner Holder-Set

  • Incl. integrated zero point clamping system
  • Enables 5-axis machining
  • Extension of the technical possibilities of your existing CORiTEC 350i milling machine


Basic plates

  • Exact and simple attachment of the blank
  • Disengaged interface
  • Fast secure fixation of the aligner 


Trimming tool

  • Enables the exact separation of the aligner
  • Clean cut edge
  • No reworking


QR-Code scanner

  • Fast scanning of the ID label affixed to the blank ID label by the scanner mounted in the work area scanner mounted in the work area


Thermoforming foil blanks

  • The blanks are available in the diameter 120 mm or 125 mm in diameter as PET-G or ABA three-layer film in different thicknesses

Everything at a glance

  • Monitor
    integrated 15" touchscreen
  • Control Software
    CORiTEC Remote Dental 3.0
    integrated CNC software
  • Machining
    5-axis simultaneous
  • Tool changer
    20-fold tool changer
  • Cooling
    4.8 liter / 18.17 gpm tank integrated 
  • Air pressure
    External air pressure required
    6.5 - 9.0bar @ 80l/min
  • Tool length control
    ≤ 0.002 mm precision
  • Spindle type
    high-frequency-spindle up to 60.000 rpm 
  • Tools
    Milling and grinding tools with 6 mm diameter

Mechanics / Electronics

  • Number of axes and movement type
    5 axes, simultaneous machining
  • Rotation angle
    A-axis 360°
    B-axis 115°

Connecting requirements

  • Weight
    CORiTEC Aligner: 180 to 210 kg / 396.8 to 462.9 Ibs
    CORiTEC Aligner L: 225 to 255 kg / 496.0 to 562.18 Ibs
  • Width x depth x height
    CORiTEC Aligner:
    758 x 790 x 857 mm / 29.8 x 31.1 x 33.7 inch
    CORiTEC Aligner L:
    1058 x 790 x 857 mm / 46.6 x 31.1 x 33.7 inch
  • Mains voltage / frequency / power
    Different for type of machines in series

Integrated 1D/2D code scanner

  • Reading distance
    40 – 250 mm
  • Scan rate
    330 scans/s
  • Power supply
    4.5 – 5.5 V DC
  • Interface

Integrated laser

  • Laser power
    20 W
  • Focal length
    160 mm
  • Type field size
    100 x 100 mm


  • Power supply
    100 – 240 V
  • Number of joints
    6-rotating joints
  • Rotation
    +/- 360° in all joints
  • Payload
    5 kg
  • Radius of action
    850 mm
  • Repeatability
    +/- 0.1 mm
  • Weight
    18.4 kg

Download & Information

CORiTEC Aligner Flyer
2 MB
CORiTEC 350i series brochure
8 MB
CORiTEC Aligner series brochure
8 MB

CORiTEC® Aligner Effectiveness and flexibility oriented