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Answers to the most FAQ's that will help you quickly! your questions. our answers. your success.

General Info

What is the CORiTEC Dental Smart Market?

The Dental Smart Market (DSM) is the new digital platform of the imes-icore group. With this unique product, we open up new possibilities for our users: machine systems, sales and service processes as well as many other functions are displayed digitally, simplified and accelerated.

In this respect, the DSM is unique in the dental industry and another extraordinary unique selling point of our CORiTEC machine systems. Dealers, end customers, marketplace participants and we, the imes-icore Group, can network digitally via this platform - with many benefits for everyone!

Who can use the DSM?

The DSM is available to our dealers, end customers, external marketplace and service partners with a wide range of information and options.

What features does the DSM offer?

The DSM offers a number of advantageous functions that simplify your everyday work. Key features of the DSM are:

Machine configurator
Just a few clicks will take you to your individual, configured CORiTEC machine, including all combinations of accessories.

Download center
Access to all machine-related and service manuals as well as sales and marketing information.

Machine management
More productive work through access to all important information through current machine data (real-time status, with SmartControl version 2.7 and higher), maintenance intervals, logbook, machine-related documents, and much more. See our explanatory video!

How do I get to the DSM?

Click on the link below or copy it into your web browser: http://manager.dsm.imes-icore.com/

Is the DSM a subscription?

No, the DSM does not require a subscription. After your free one-time registration, you can use the DSM without any time limit.

In which languages is the DSM available?

The DSM is currently available in German and English. Additional languages are planned.


What advantages does the DSM offer?

Our digital platform offers many advantages that support you in the daily handling of our CORiTEC machine systems, such as:

  • All machine data in one system, making us faster and more efficient with technical service requests.

  • Always work with the latest SmartControl control software! Free of charge! The DSM enables the installation of automatic software updates to optimize your production processes (from SmartControl version V2.7).

  • The machine status can be called up online in real time at any time in the DSM (from SmartControl Version V2.7). This means that you always have your production processes under control wherever you are (smartphone, tablet, PC).

  • All service activities are recorded in a central logbook. Thus, you receive the service history of your CORiTEC machine(s) in a clear overview.

  • Extend the machine warranty per mouse click!

  • With the machine configurator you combine all additional devices and accessories for an optimal workflow!

  • The DSM is developing further every day and thus you will benefit from the many additional features in the long term.

Registration / First Steps

How can I register for the DSM?

Registering with DSM is simple and fast. With a few clicks you can easily register:

  1. Call up the link to the DSM.
  2. Click on the button "No account? Register for free" will take you to the registration page.
  3. Use a generic email address for the initial registration - learn more.
  4. Follow the registration process step by step.
  5. Register your machine(s).
  6. Verify your registration via the e-mail that was sent to you.
  7. Your registration for the DSM is complete and you are ready to go!

With the successful initial registration for your company, you have the admin function with which you can subsequently invite your employees to register via the DSM and carry out the respective rights management. See also our explanatory video!

How long is the verification e-mail valid?

The link included in the e-mail to verify your email address is only valid for 12 hours and is required to successfully complete the registration process in DSM.

I am already registered in the previous dealer/customer portal - do I have to re-register for the DSM?

Yes, in order to enable you to use all the functions of our DSM, you must urgently re-register for it!

Due to the modification of our system, new role and rights systems have been created, which should guarantee you a smooth handling of the DSM. In this course your data cannot be taken over.

Please register again in a few steps! Click here to register.

How do I apply for my dealer account?

After successful registration on DSM, your dealer account still needs to be confirmed once by our team. Please carry out this process via the DSM dashboard.

Learn how to apply for dealer access in our explanation video!

How long does it take for my dealer account to be confirmed?

Once you have applied for your dealer access, it will be reviewed by our customer service team. Usually, you will receive the activation for your dealer access within 2-3 days.

How do I change the company details?

Go to your name via the menu at the left bottom and there go to "My organizations". Here you can change the data of your company.

What happens if I do not register for the DSM?

In order to be able to provide you with full support and the necessary information in the future, we strongly recommend registering for the DSM free of charge.

Feel free to take a look at the benefits of our DSM under the FAQ categorie "Advantages" or contact us at support(at)imes-icore.com if you have any questions.

Will the existing dealer/customer portal remain in place?

No, we are converting our service completely to the DSM so that we can offer you the highest level of convenience and support.

Will my data be transferred from the previous dealer/customer portal?

Due to extensive changes in our DSM, we cannot transfer your data from the dealer/customer portal.

Please register again!

Account management

Can I add (multiple) users to the DSM?

As an admin, you can add all colleagues and/or partners by e-mail address in the "My organization" area under the tab "Users" and assign the respective rights.

How can I change the admin for my account?

You can change all data concerning the admin in the area "My organization".

How do I change an existing or add a new delivery address?

In the "My organization" area, you can change existing delivery address or add new delivery addresses under the tab "Details".

I do not have access to the e-mail address registered in the account - what can I do?

In this case, please contact our customer service at support(at)imes-icore.com.

How can I reset my password if I do not have it?

Go to the DSM homepage and click the "Forgot password" button. Enter your username or e-mail address and click “Submit”. After that we will send you an email with further instructions.

How can I reset my password when I am logged in?

Go to the menu at the bottom left, click on your name and then on "My user profile". Via the "Password" tab you can reset and regenerate the existing password.

Is there an option for two-factor authentication?

Go to your name via the menu at the bottom left and there via "My user profile". Via the tab "Two-factor authentication" you can set up your personal proof of identity.

How can I delete my user account?

To delete your user account, send us your details using this contact form. We will check your request and will delete your user account afterwards.

Machine management

How do I register my machine?

After successfully logging into DSM, you can easily register your machine via the machine management. Learn how to manage your machines in our explanatory video!


As an imes-icore dealer, you are only allowed to register your own machine or a machine you have loaned. Please do not register your end customer's machine. For this, you must ONLY enter your dealer name and serial number.

End customers:
Please register your own machines that are actively in use (e.g. in your own milling center). All end customers must register their CORiTEC machines themselves.

Which possibilities are available for machine registration?

There are two options for registering the machines:

  1. Register the machine manually via the DSM on your computer.
  2. Registering directly via the QR code (on the machine or in the control software)


Where will the personal data, that I enter in the DSM, be stored?

Your data is processed and stored in accordance with the requirements of the EU-DSGVO.

Upcoming Features / Stay Tuned

What other features can I expect in the future?

Our DSM will continue to develop as a digital platform, giving you even more potential to connect everything around your CORiTEC machine systems. Stay tuned!

No answer to your question? Feel free to contact us!

No problem. We will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance at support(at)imes-icore.com at any time.

Challenge us! We look forward to your feedback on the DSM and your wishes for optimization, so that our digital platform becomes even better.  

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